Hats + Yarn meet!

See how cute the hat is? It's a play on the Soft Serve Hat from Lexi Boeger's Intertwined book.

Some of the fun things my customers/friends make up are really cool! Kat belongs to my Batt Club. She spun up some creative, fun chunky yarn & made this cute alien-gnome style hat. I love the earflaps! She's on Ravelry (Rav link) as Thorhammer. You can make the hat too, here's the errata sheet for how to make one!

(you gotta be a member of Ravelry to get to these links.....c'mon if you're a knitter, crocheter, spinner, felter why haven't you joined?? http://ravelry.com )

P.S. I dusted off my Hatdiva hat shop, fluffed things up & reopened it! I'm put existing listings in the clearance bin. I'm working hard on getting new stuff photographed & ready to stock!