Crazy weather...and how about some hats?

Ping pong balls were falling from the sky (half melted in this photo!)

A dazzling super-wide brimmed hat, isn't it wonderful? This is the hat the tutorial rose ended up on. (see my Flickr on sidebar, then click millinery studio for tutes)

People always asked me to make a "simple" ball cap. It so happens I don't really do simple.....well maybe. Here's some new ball caps I whipped up! I am a little partial to the dark one below.

Yesterday was a little bizarre. We were out on the back patio, when a thunderstorm blew in. I was spinning yarn, mentioning the odd roar I was hearing. I thought, geez we'd better go in. We did just after that! Huge ping pong sized hail came falling down. It was crazy, it lasted for about 10 minutes. The kitties were outside, and showed up after none the worse for wear. Savvy cats, they probably hid under the studio or in the woodshed.

Can you believe the size of the hail? It was like round ice cubes. So crazy, since it was about 80 degrees out when it happened! I looked up hail + roar, and it was just that a hail roar. Like hearing a mini tornado approaching. I'll never forget it, I've never seen hail this big!

Moving along, it's finally Summer! Rain or whatever, it's finally heated up. I made up some new classic ball-style caps. I've loosely named them What Bad Hair Day caps. They're pretty cool!