Demo Derby & Summer Stuff....

Firemen at the ready. There was a fire! It got put out super fast.

Crazy mash-up. The crowd roared when they went over! Nobody was hurt, awesome.

Who knew frozen steelhead from Costco could be so good? I defrosted it overnight & marinated it in Soy Vay marinade & grilled on a wood fire. So good!

And guess what? I finished the baby quilt. What do you think? I think it's pretty good for my second quilt.

We kicked off the Summer by going to a local demolition derby. There were lawnmower races, and crazy car figure 8's. Later in the evening, there was a major car smashup. It was fun! I went to a few in the past, this one was no different. Crowd screaming, bleacher stomping. All out fun! Anyone would have fun at one, even kids. It was a total family event with kids all over. I'm glad we sat higher up since some of the cars threw up huge dirt clods. We are going next year, with seat cushions! Those bleacher seats got hard after a couple of hours.

The other fun part about summer is grilling. I love it! Forget charcoal, sometimes you need a good fruit wood char. We cleared several scrubby cherry trees when we moved here. They have been great for seasoned wood BBQ fires. If you've never tasted wood fired cooked food, then you haven't lived yet!

Oh! And I also finished the baby quilt. Like? I love much I'm having a hard time parting with it.