Watch me multitask!

A cloche that I made from the early 1990's. It had been displayed behind glass since it was made. I will list it this weekend.

After getting many compliments on this hat (it's the one in my avatar!) I made a couple just like it. Sewn silk crown, stitched hemp brim.

Mixing fabric with straw is such fun. You get the sun protection with the fabric, and the lightness of the straw.

Another floppy brim hat, with fabric crown. Simple, and easy to wear.

I blocked a simple hat, and piled on the trimmings. These vintage cotton roses worked with the old glitter birds!

After a year on hiatus with hats.....I'm back! Training wheels on. I'm debuting a new straw hat collection. We'll see how my wooly pastimes mesh with the hat thing.

I gave up hats, simply because I needed a break. After almost 20 year making them I needed a breather. They take a great deal of time to craft, vs. knocking out a fiber batt or yarn. So it seemed logical! Yesterday I was dyeing wool, and snapping photos. The studio has amazing light! It made photography easy, and fun.

So here I go, doing both businesses. I plan on making smaller hat collections. Nothing like the 50 hat collections of the past! It will be interesting to see how each mediums play off each other.

I did an awesome update with new batts Wednesday here.