A little on chasing the rainbow....

I love color! It's a completely tactile thing for me. I think in colors, really I do! Moods are colors, right?

There are many ways to get the shades of the rainbow! I love that the acid dyes I use only need a dab to get the bright shades I love.

A secret inside photo of my next tutorial! I can't wait to share.....it turns the way I normally use dyes on it's ear.

I'm so thrilled......I have to mention again how good Jacquard Products have been to me. They featured my yarn, and fiber batts in a national ad campaign. Then they did the amazing gallery!

Love it. I have many people ask me what dyes I use. I use several, the only ones I can swear by for color stability, and repeat success is Jacquard Acid Dye! It's thrifty, and exhausts extremely well. The best hidden feature? I have mixed their dyes, and let them sit pre-mixed in airtight jars up to 5-6 months! How amazing is that? Totally genius, as I like to expose myself to the dye powders as little as possible.