A note about photo editing

My photo before. Dark, bluish cast......poor white balance. Not a picture that would grab your attention.

After cropping, lightening, adjusting the color levels....cloning an area that over exposed, and hello! Night and day right?

It's hard work! I use what I call Photoshop light. It's Picnik! For about $24.99 a year I can crop, adjust levels, burn out & clone. It's a multi step process for some pictures. There's alot of competition these days, and you need a edge. I look at editing, as peeling back the layers and exposing the pictures true beauty. 12 products to list on Etsy adds up to 60 photos! It's work, but I think it's worth it.

I take alot of pride in my photos. Not all are spectacular, it's a learning process! I sometimes go back to look at much older photos and shudder. They're so grainy! The new Canon definately has made my work easier. I'm hoping the new Tamron lens I'm saving for will help even more ;)