August is blooming awesome

I adore my pink Echinacea's. They will need far more room next year.

I want a field of Black Eyed Susan's. Really, I do!! Amazing flower.....

Autumn Beauty sunflowers <3

I am astonished, and amused that we are growing a few watermelons.

Weeds, and all here's a glimpse of my garden. A real oasis while being surrounded my water starved cracked earth....and scrubby weeds. The flowers have soldiered on, despite super hot temperatures. 101-109 at least! In comparison it makes today's 90 degrees feel downright amazing. Not pictured is the tasty Ichiban eggplant. I'd like to think I could fry it in olive oil and greedily eat it all myself. Next year I want a row of them, one is not enough! The cucumbers are growing by leaps and bounds. Sadly, the tomatoes have much to catch up on.

Over all, the garden has attracted many bees, butterflies, birds.....and a few hummingbird moths! Very exciting, as this was the plan. Next year, we will expand. I want a field of flowers.