I won!!

Best Of Show!! Handspun, and knitted hat...which I made for myself. Not many Best OF Show ribbons were handed out. Love x1000

All hats I entered won ribbons! I am so thrilled.

My yarn won too!! (mine are the ones marked with a big yellow dot) so awesome!!

I entered several things in the local county fair. Guess what? I made out pretty well. I was kind of surprised, since I didn't expect much. Thrilled beyond belief about the best of show hat! I'm not the only big winner in the house. The rug rat won Best Of Show for her arrangement of magenta zinnias. Wooo!

The best part about winning best of show? It garners a little respect possibly. I'm comfortable with who I am and how creative I can be...some folks around here don't know about/or get art yarn. It's ok, since I know what it is (irascible,uneven, wonky and fabulous). My hat was created from a bulky thick and thin style single yarn. The irony is one yarn didn't place at all. It was a super bulky thick and thin corespun. I thought the category called for a constructed different technique other than a single, two, or three ply.

The comments on the back of the entry tag?

"Wrong category, not a construction. Should be a finished product. Spinning is irregular"

LOL, the heart of artsy textured yarns is that yes, they are irregular.