"Parfum Papaye"

 3.5 OZ 781 yards



2.8 OZ 374.5 yards

Amazing yarn! I have seen art batts spun thin before, yet none like these. Maybe I'm biased since they are spun from my batts ;) Christie a super talented spinner from France has spun the most amazing yarns. What makes them unique is they are very thin, and have many, many yards! Who knew you could take a 3.5 ounce batt and turn it into 781 yards. Astonishing!

In Christie's own words, her thoughts on creating the yarn.
Well, spinning lace yarn with a textured batts is so.....exciting!!! Very different from another yarn, but is an extremely long ... I need a little twenty hours to stretch the
fibers up to their breaking point, patiently but so incredible. I feel every fiber slide under my fingers and the differences between a silk, a combed wool or just washed fibers...the rendering of colors is different also a set of small fine stripes all running all along plied on a very fine lurex give the bulking as an airy chocolate mousse that melts in your mouth like chocolate mousse.
I like to work the lace textured handspun, they are amazing to knit or crochet.

Amazing knitted into a chic shawl!