I can bake bread. It's hard to beat my neighbor Barby's bread! She has a mini baking empire, selling some 80 loaves at the farmer's market every week.

We got a few good apples off the trees. I think the deer have wings, how else do the apples disappear so fast?

I took a little extra time to organize my built in bookcase. Like everyone else out there....I have more books in storage.

Fall is here! No denying it now. The garden is just about done. Sad to see the tomatoes go.

It's here, crisp days....overcast skies. Rain, and soon snow. I got my 3 loaves of awesome today. Once a week, I have to stock up on bread, from a neighbor. I can't bake a amazing loaf of bread for $3.50 it's such a good deal! No clean up, it's brilliant.

The leaves are turning, and we're busy doing outside chores. The best recent bounty from the garden was some amazing butternut squash. We decided roasting it was the best way to enjoy it. I could eat that stuff by the spoonful! Happy Fall to you.....