Christmas old school

I never really loved Christmas Cactuses. Since mine bloomed, I've changed my mind. Why did I buy it? It was on sale, and looked like it needed love. perfect color for the season!

I bought a little something for myself. I love weird little geegaws. This one fit the bill, so cute! Plus, who could resist at a mere $1.00

You might see a theme here....old stuff. Yes I do most of my Christmas shopping at antique malls, and junk shops. It's the thrill of the hunt. This dresser said "real wood" I laughed since the finish on it is a faux wood burl look. Real-wood, but not sure queality wood? Go figure.

Another good reason to go to thrift stores, and junk malls is you never know when you'll find the perfect mid century desk. Too bad this one wasn't solid maple!

I have to admit it. I'm not a real fan of Christmas. I'm not a grinch of Bah Humbug sort. I feel that Christmas has been commercially hijacked. Since when do the Christmas ads start before Halloween? There you are. Maybe it's paranoid retailers run amok? As antidote to it, we decorate our house with nature, and home made paper snowflakes. It's christmas-old school....and I wouldn't have it any other way. Gifts are hand crafted, or carefully chosen. I love shopping at the antique store, and junk mall. It's the best place to find the perfect one of a kind thing. Plus, I avoid the mall, which I never really go to in the first place ;)

Merry Christmas!