Year In Review

 The garden was incredible. The flowers were amazing. I discovered eggplant was easy to grow. The sunflowers won the kid a blue ribbon at the fair. The hot pink zinnias won best of show! In between I made great goodies from the kitchen. We enjoyed everything!

Knitting, wool, all the things that make me happy. We carved amazing pumpkins for Halloween. My favorite holiday!

Little snippets of what 2011 was about. It went too fast. The beginning of the year got off to a rocky start. There was a serious event in February, that caused ripples until October. I see things in a different light, and hope to grow from it. Overall I achieved alot. It's hard to look back memory-wise without selecting a few snapshots...the collage photos remind me of alot. 

We had a fantastic garden.
I became a better knitter.
I worked really hard on my fiber business.
I was an awesome Mommy. 

In 2012 I will do more of the same, only better. I will listen more, and become more focused. I will give myself more time, perhaps be less hard on myself.....And yes....I will be an even better knitter. As I head into 2012, I only have 2 ufo's! After knitting so much for others, one is a shawl for myself. It's all good.