It's official

Some fabu merino locks dyed up in inspired shades! I'm using up my pre-mixed color stock. There's some surprising beauties I just created ;)

I may as well admit to it.

I am obsessed with wool. Even before it's washed I sniff it. The natural rich lanolin-wooly smell is like a drug. Once I wash it, I want to make biscuits the way a cat does with a afghan. if you've followed my blog over've seen the transformation. I was once fabric obsessed (still somewhat) wool has pretty much taken over! 

It's the perfect medium for color. 

I love the way the wool locks dye up, sometimes like sea urchin tendrils. 

I have been dyeing fibers for a long time...nothing is as rewarding as wool. I thought I had a love affair with silk fabric. 

I was wrong!