Photo editing awesomeness!!

I take alot of photos. Photos of wool, of my cat...and so much more! It's a digital life. I love taking photos. I resisted digital cameras at first, can you believe it? Now I can't live without my Canon 450D! So with lots of photos comes with the hassle of editing. 

Surprise! Even I'm not a photo wizard. With editing software I am. Crop, lighten,contrast and clone. I got settled in with a great little program called Picnik. I was there for good. So you can imagine my shock, when I logged in and read what?! That they were going out of business. Picnik: finis! Boo hoo. 

I searched, I looked. I downloaded. Gimp wasn't for me. Too complicated, so many commands. Aviary wasn't advanced enough. Photoshop? It costs money. Something I have little of these days...anyhoo. I discovered Photoscape. It's a free program that you download to your desktop.
Even better, I like it. I can crop, lighten, brighten and fluff my photos with elan. I am much happier, and secure knowing I have a great little program that I downloaded for free. Awesome! 

Look at my before & after shots using Photoscape. Love!

P.S. After I wrote this I discovered Ipiccy. It's the designer copy of Picnik! I absolutely adore it. With Photoscape combined, I win!

(Picnik is closing in April 2012)