The Orchard

 We have an orchard now. I wonder if we should let it be, or trim every tree? There's 40+ trees. (I know!)

We also have a really great view. When I feel I've had enough of small town living...all I have to do is look at it. It's ever changing.

 The orchard is filled with super neato bird houses like this one. Some are too far gone to rescue. I'm hoping to add a bunch more sometime.

There's mostly apple trees, a few cherry. It will be interesting to see what grows. There's another one of those nifty bird houses in the picture above!

The orchard is on a steep terraced hillside. It needs a few cute sheep. Although they might be tempted to snack on the trees! We'll see. Cute lawnmowers with wooly benefits might work? See, this is how it starts. LOL! There will be tasty apple pie this Fall :)