Selling the millinery supplies

 Lot of hemp braids + a little bit of paper braid. You can over dye the lighter colors. It's versatile stuff!

 I'm destashing the dyed hat bodies in lots. This one is pinks/mixed.

 Olive lot, mixed straw weaves.

 Some hoods too! Back when I was into ombre dip dyeing.

 Super soft pearly rayon bodies. Pretty colors :)

These would make some great summer hats.

This time, it's for real. I have two giant tubs filled with millinery supplies. I need the space in my studio. I'm finally selling them! Over the next few weeks, listings will trickle into my Hatdiva Etsy shop.

The latest batch of listings is hand dyed straws. Some are really out there style-wise. You could easily dye over them, if you wanted them to look even more awesome. Lots of potential there!

I already sold all the felt bodies there. They went fast! It's a little bittersweet, but I really need to move on. I might write a book about millinery one day. You never know :)