How's your Summer?

One of my free form knitted shawls. I sent this in a swap on Ravelry...I almost wish I had kept it. So gorgeous.

 My garden got off to a shaky start this year. It's finally rallying, I'm happy to report.

There's alot of orange in the yard this year! From marigolds, black eyed susans it's all good. 

This yarn was inspired by the garden. It will be knitted into a fab skirt for the kid. A twirly fun skirt. Yay!


Or should I ask? I think I might already know-it's been crazy hot, right? I thought I lived in the Pacific Northwest...the thermometer has topped out at 108. Yes! One hundred and eight. 

Which prompted me to beg my husband to install our rattle box, aka the industrial air conditioner. Yes, it goes in the window and doesn't look attractive. But it works! I'm afraid to know what the electric bill will be-but at least we're not totally overheating here. 

Otherwise days are filled with gardening and blissful studio time. It's the last Summer, before the little one goes to school....full time! I have been waiting for this day. To somehow regain my creative time back. As it inches closer-I can't help but feel a little sad? I expect I'll work it out before school begins this Fall. Ok, enough waxing poetic! The garden is coming along nicely. Finally, after it being so cool, with rain it's like I mentioned. Hot! My hot weather flowers are happy, which is great.