Bunny Love

 Me with Funky Fuzzby. He's a baby buck, just been weaned. 

He nibbled a little when we let him out to exercise today. So cute!

This is Smokey Joe, he's actually got a pedigree...but I love him since he's so cute.

This is Rainbow Dash, she's a doe (girl).

Three. I have three new babies. Technically two are babies. The bucks are young. One is 4 months old, the other is a teeny one that was just weaned, he's so tiny! We named him Funky Fuzzby. 

They all came from Boise. We went recently to the zoo, and other fun museums. We capped off our trip by getting one bunny...quite by accident. I knew he was a Jersey Wooly, and was at the feed store we stopped at to get the rabbit carrier. I could no resist! Actually, I honestly felt like I was rescuing him, since the employees hadn't a clue that he needed daily bushings!

They're cute, and seem somewhat high maintenance at the moment. 
I'll get into a daily routine of feeding, brushing, and regular running in their exercise pen. I wish they could run and frolic together! Though that would mean new baby bunnies. So they will have top play solo for now :)