I can sew!

I've been sewing on and off since I was little. I learned when I was around seven years old. I sewed alot when I was a teenager. Not everything I sew is successful. Sometimes it's a serious mess, too home sewn looking. With little kids clothes you can get away with alot. Bright colors, loose fit, elastic...stuff that makes it easy to sew for them! I sewed the dress above for my daughter in an afternoon. 

We love Halloween!

The dress below was a mistake....a well intentioned one.

 Better, much better as a skirt! So wrong as a dress.

One of my oops! I made the dress. It was dowdy, the print didn't work for an overall design. Maybe if I was a size 2 it would be cute. Not that great looking! It hung in my bedroom overnight.

Then, I made a cute skirt for the kid, with the extra fabric. Big success! I loved the skirt, and started thinking. The next day I scrapped the dress (literally) and cut off the bodice. Viola! 

Super cute, right? Better proportions and easier to wear. Plus it matches my daughters. Which is really cool! I wonder how long I can get away with the matching thing?