She's cute and fuzzy! Even with her bad haircut, adorable.

 Ruby loves a good face scratch. 

Standing up, and looking out.

She's here! She's been here for a week. Our German Angora, is full of personality. She's so big. She's 13 pounds! She's settling in, getting her bearings. She needs a big place to run. Since the season is almost over the upper garden is ok. The cucumbers are about done. She isn't interested in the tomatoes, or butternut squash.

She loves the strawberry plants. I'll be interesting to see how they come back. By then we'll have a new covered bunny-run. She's a teenager, about 6 months old. She's bitten me three times! She'll grow out of it, I'm training her to not. She never bites my husband! She just loves him

We shear her again in December. It will be interesting doing that for the first time! My husband will help, it will all work out :)