My first shearing. I was super unsure at first, terrified I was going to nick the bunnies skin. It's true what they say, it's paper thin. Which means if you're not totally alert, you can cut the rabbits skin as fast as you can snip a bit of it's fur. Did I successfully cut off all the fur? Yes. Did I accidentally nick the rabbit....yes. I almost cried. It turns out, it wasn't that bad, scabbed over within a couple of days. A very minor cut, I won't do it again! I used hair stylists cutting shears, from Sally. It took about 3 hours, with help! 

Next time, I'll have the clippers handy, it'll go faster. These bunnies are literally bred to be patient while shearing. You can see how excited they are to have the fur off. I ended up with about 14 ounces of fiber! I tossed a bit, that's alot of fur to spin. Yay!!

 Fur bound Ruby. Very happy bunny, very pampered...not happy to have such a heavy coat.

 My rabbit breeder Sage has these nifty Wahl Bravura shears. I want some! Here she shows the right, and wrong way to clip hair from the belly. The above picture is the RIGHT way to do it. 

 WRONG! Thus the thumbs down. If you clip the back leg like this, you can cut the rabbits skin.
 Demonstrating a relaxed 'football hold' it's very comfortable for the rabbit. Lots of support, greater ease to clip the belly in comfort. She found all the nipples first. You have to, since you don't want to nick those!

Very happy bunny!! Relaxing after such a chore. She was a total champ! A day later, she was running, literally scampering. Hopping with joy. No over heating, huffing and puffing like she had asthma.

We shear again in 90 days. Now what to do with all this amazing angora...