We have the beginnings of a sweater! One for myself, which I have never done before. It's a whole new thing! So excited. 

I messed up on Row 26! Instead of sl1, k2tog, and then knit to end of row I repeated it! So wrong. I had to rip it out (called frogging because you rip it, rip it).

It's on! I am knitting the Taos Cardigan. The cardigan is knitted from the top down. The part I am knitting is the fancy part on the yoke area. Once I solved my total fail with Row 26 I am totally ok! Next, I knit for a few more inches then divide for the sleeves. Essentially for you non-knitters out there, I move the spots that are will become sleeves onto some waste yarn to "hold the stitches" then continue with the bottom half of the cardigan!

Photo by Kate Ray/helloknitty

I'm so excited about the cardigan! I can't tell you how long I have thought about making sweaters, and socks. I think I was obsessing! The 80 sweater and cardigan patterns favorited on Ravelry are a dead giveaway! If you knit or crochet you really need to join Ravelry. Because you're missing out!

I'll do another progress update soon. New year, new cardi :)