FREE! Gauntlet Mitt pattern-so fun

Sometimes it takes me awhile to figure stuff out. Knitting didn't come easy to me, I had to really work on it. I made these awesome gauntlet style mitts several years ago. I listed the project on Ravelry. Then it occurred to me, today out of the blue I could list a pattern. For free! 

I looked over the project notes for the mitts, and updated everything. All you need is some fun worsted yarn, and about 60-100 yards of bulky crazy handspun! If you can't spin yarn, scoot over to Etsy and look up the vast selection. or checkout my shop :) It's awesome. Make it as bulky as possible, with bobs, and whorls. Really rock it out. My pattern is free, and can be found here. 

Enjoy and have fun :)