Fiber Feature! Expression Fiber Arts:

I had the pleasure of interviewing the radiant, Chandi Schreckhise
of Expression Fiber Arts recently. 

She is a real delight! I have to admit, what made me check her yarn out, was an ad on Facebook. Then blog post she wrote on attracting 5,000 likes in...a month. Yes a month! If that sounds unreal, get this. Her happy fun Facebook page has skyrocketed to 25,607 likes! It's no wonder, as Chandi's "About" tagline is:  
A Positive Twist on Yarn ~ Combining the love of yarn with inspiration, connection and encouragement.

Isn't that great? Chandi's positivity really resounded with me. It was pretty much a wake up call. I was ready for a change! Since discovering her awesome Facebook page, I looked at myself as a whole- and  changed my life for the better. She has a great message, and awesome yarn. Combined into one!

Tell us a bit about yourself…especially about your adorable dog! 

Chandi: My name is Chandi and I live in Alaska! I'm the owner of Expression Fiber Arts and LOVE creating all day! I love all things craft-related, especially yarny things! I claim my brother's dog as my own... she's a perfectly adorable Boston Terrier named Tinkerbell and makes my heart melt with her big, buggy eyes! 

What attracted me to you was an infectious sense of positivity. Have you always been that way?  

Chandi:  Oh, no, not at all. Being positive is something I work on daily. I have a tendency to live in fear over the future and slip easily into anxiety, so I have made it a daily practice to calm my mind... live in the now... trust in a Higher Source and forgive the past. It makes life so much more peaceful and enjoyable. :D 

What did you do before fiber? Did you sit at a desk dreaming?

Chandi: I graduated college with a marketing degree at 22 and started a makeup manufacturing company. It was wonderful and I enjoyed it tremendously, but allowed it to dissolve when I got a divorce 6 years later. I then worked as a temp in an office for a few months to bring in some income, all the while knowing I wouldn't be there for long. I have to create. If I'm not creating, I'm not living and I would literally rather not be on this earth if I can't do what I love and make a living at it. So Expression Fiber Arts was born! 

When did you know you’d made it as a creative entrepreneur? 

Chandi: My first business immediately took off and became a success and from that time, I've still had my doubts and fears, but during the times I've just let it all go mentally, things begin falling into place and just "working out." 

The North Pole?  (Seriously folks, Chandi lives near Santa!)

Chandi: Ha ha! Yes, North Pole, Alaska was named such to draw tourists to the area. It's pretty quaint! We have a Santa Claus house and all the street lights look like candy canes! 

What is it about dyeing fiber that captivates you? 

Chandi: The COLORS! I can't get enough of colors. My favorite thing is creating a new shade as you never really know what it will look like until it's dried! 

What inspires you? Where do your ideas come from? 

Chandi:  Everywhere I look! Fruits and vegetables in the grocery store... Flowers! Animals. Nature. Sunsets. A child's piercing blue eyes... a rusty can, concrete... Anything! 

What are your favorite materials? 

Chandi: Wool, baby! YEAAHH! I love wool so much I could almost eat it! Ha ha!! It's warm and stretchy and forgiving and bouncy and soft and amazing! Especially merino wool! 

Apart from creating things, what do you do? 

Chandi: Ummm... there are other things? :D I love to read. I am constantly learning... devouring self-help books, marketing books, business and money management books, life/love/relationship books... anything to help make life BETTER. I adore spending time with my family and just sitting and chatting about their newest endeavors. I love sitting quietly as well and just experiencing the moment... noticing what's around me...the sounds, the colors, the textures... and letting it all soak in, knowing that life is NOW! 

What’s your favorite fiber to work with? 

Chandi: WOOL! Silk is great too and oh my, cashmere... But wool is my all-time fav! 

 Simple pattern for this amazing shawl-is

Have you ever knit without a pattern, what did you make? 

Chandi: Yep, and this is my preferred method! I love just making garter stitch shawls and scarves. They're so mindless and easy! 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Chandi: In 5 years, I hope to still be running my yarn business, as well as potentially owning another business to help other women feel inspired and create freedom and happiness in their lives by becoming financially independent. 

Chandi is amazing at crochet, this shawl showcases her gradient dyed yarn splendidly. 

Inspiring, indeed!