Taos Cardi!

Awesome! It's done-and fits great.

Button placement was a little tricky. 

No matching buttons-so why not go with a mix of similar color?

All buttons are vintage.  This one was from around the 1930's I want to say it's an apple juice button?

So pretty how they mis-matched up....

I'm not new to knitting by any means. I still make mistakes, this one was elemental. I was so excited about adding the buttons to the cardigan-that yes you go it...I did it before I blocked! What a bonehead move. I had to cut off the buttons, and sew them on again. Of course I did such a great job sewing them on it took time to take them off. I won't do that again! The cardigan was work. Mainly because I ripped it, and started over. It seems sometimes I rip more than I knit. I am guessing I am not alone, since knitters are OCD and can't sw3allow their own mistakes! There's a few hidden in the cardigan-not that anyone will notice! It's good enough for me, that's what matters. I'll get better at cardigans and sweaters as I go! It was a early birthday gift for my daughter-who loves it. Everything Mommy makes is awesome in her eyes :)