Rainbow yarn + rainbow cardigan!!

Look how awesome the yarn looks knitted. The rainbow self striping I did when I dyed the roving made the color transitions fab!

I ended up with 232 yards of handspun! The roving I dyed a few weeks back spun like buttah. It's worsted, thick & thin. So awesome! I got most of the cardigan knitted up, and ran out. I had hoped to make it work...after all I was knitting a size extra small.

No worries! I carded to match-and added some gold sparkle. Got some hot pink going too. Superwash is brilliant for children's wear, it simple doesn't shrink. I won't throw this in the washer! It'll help when I do wash it. I used a free pattern, that I found on Ravelry. It's so easy! I love raglan increases. If you can knit, purl, and kfb it's all good. You can knit a raglan. The only hard part is staying on top of stitch count. Easy tip:  count your stitches before you split for the sleeves. If you hit a block knitting, consult Youtube! That's how I started knitting sweaters.

I want to learn socks next. That might require taking an actual class. You never know! I see rainbow socks in my future!

Want to dye roving to make a fun rainbow project like this? See my how to video on how to do that here: rainbow tute