So....what's new?

 I am half finished knitting a cardigan! It's for a online friend who helped me out recently :)

 The yoke is made of plyed worsted weight handspun-of course spun by me! Merino, alpaca, nylon, and angelina-awesome! I combined it with Cascade 220 yarn in soft beige.

 I did a spur of the moment rainbow collection-wow! What a response. I am nearly sold out in a day and a half. So awesome!

 And for Easter, we had delicious grilled rack of lamb. So juicy and tender! Served with baked garlic potatoes, and steamed asparagus. It was a full-on all Cotsco meal!

 How tasty does this look? We fought over the leftovers the following morning.

Big Bunny Ruby says "Happy Easter!" it was a great day. Gorgeous weather!