My new addiction

 I combined my handspun for the yoke, and used Cascade 220 for the rest. It's a neat way to feature handspun yarns!

 Look how nice my handspun looks with the Cascade 220! I looked through about 50 buttons before settling on the classic metal one.

I dyed the Inca Cotton yarn, last Summer! It will be great for my next cardigan-which I am keeping :) I got it from my LYS, Yarn Underground in Moscow, Idaho. Fab store!

 Cardigans. Serious! Like you couldn't tell, haha. I am always making something. It's a habit, and obsession actually. I'm a dreamer, I love possibilities. Knitting grounds me, keeps me focused...which is good! I made two cardigans back to back. Here's the beginnings of the latest one: click here to see the wip (work in progress).

I did the rainbow one in whilst knitting the one above. I made is as a fun gift for Ashley-who totally rocked the graphics redo on this blog! She designed a business card, and postcard for free. How amazing is that?

Totally. Time is valuable, and I though how nice to give back. Plus it's more fun to knit and give than to knit and keep. My next cardigan? Same pattern yet very different yarn. Inca Cotton! I cast on last night, I'm amazed the yarn has alot more bounce than expected. It's going to be a great Summer cardi-in a great neutral gray. I'm excited to share it when I am done. What are you knitting?