I started blogging in 2008. Some things are the same, some things have changed-for the better!

My fiber biz has grown, and I rock at dyeing things!

I started working out in January....

 We recently got chickens! Our Henny Penney's and our Silkies.

I love knitting, and am getting better at it!

My garden continues to grow, despite zombie deer.

 This is my 200th post! I started blogging in 2008. Lots of things have changed since then, yet much stays the same. Funny how that is! Five years is a long time. I turned 40...wow on that. Not quite comfortable with that yet. I have to remind myself I'm Generation X! My little fiber biz has taken off! I sometimes miss the hats, but not really. Did I actually say that?

I am knitting more than ever, and can knit basic cardigans and sweaters! I remember when sweaters were a goal! There's alot of super neat, positive things going on. We got chickens! I'm excited to find that first egg, in 6 months or so. I expanded my garden, since we bought the place next door. Our property is just over an acre now. The garden is all organic, sure there's weeds...but hey it's all good :)