Wool, Smoothies, and big Moths.....

 Custom dyeing: inspiration, kid's art!

 Custom Dyeing: Dye it like that old batt you made...nailed it!

 More rainbow brights, to dye for a store in Baltimore :)

 Big old moth was hanging out on our front porch. Quite amazing, since it was about 4 inches across.

Yummy blackberry-spinach-lime-ginger smoothie.

I spent the weekend dyeing wool. It was hot...it was work. Who's complaining, I got paid :) I listened to an audio book. Something I haven't done in a long time. It made the day fly by. More garden work, since it never ends, haha! We added soaker hoses to the garden. I'm not convinced that they're awesome. A standard sprinkler might work better! Next year: drip irrigation! 

The Blendtec blender arrived last week. A perk of being sick, and watching QVC! Blends way, way better than the Kitchenaid. Yummy smoothie with blackberries:

Summer Refresher:

1 cup frozen blackberries from last Summer.
1/2 cup raw spinach (I grew mine!)
1 lime, juiced
fresh ginger, about 4 small slices
1/3 cup water
1 Tblsp raw sugar

Whiz it together on 'whole juice' strain if you like. Lots of seeds! So refreshing. The only way to enjoy a smoothie, is if the fruit is frozen. I hope you make one :)