I'm back in the game...and what to NOT DO ON Google+

 Say hello to my new spinner! It's electric.

 I spun this yarn from three fat art batts in under an hour!

The bulky bobbins are a bit bigger than the bulky ones from my Lendrum.

So I bought a new wheel. A Fricke e-spinner! I view it as not really a wheel, but a spinner. They call them wheels, yet the wheel part is in a wee little motor. It spins super fast! I's going to renew my spinning capability. I'm pretty excited...I stopped spinning for various reasons. Fatigue, it takes a long time. Knee pain, and sciatic pain, it overall is aggravating to repetitive motion issues. Discussing that stuff is boring, yet it happens. 

The spinner is pretty cool, it functions pretty good. I would change a few things if I were the designer-I would make the spinner more sleek. I would make it have a better tension system. The brake bank snapped the first time I spun a yarn. That was partially my fault-I ratcheted down the flyer too tight, not giving the bobbin enough 'play' and created drag. Fricke did not polish the grooves on the bobbins well enough. I have to sand them all down! I'm going to run to town, and find an appropriate hard working cord for the brake band. I want to ply my yarn! 

I am going to buy a Hansen spinner as well. 

Which means....

I am selling my Spinolution Mach II with massive plying bobbin. (if you're interested, it's $750)

 It seems like I just got Shrek the wheel. Funny how things change, yet stay the same. Spinners love gadgets, and fun toys after all! It's been a good wheel, it's just time to move on. My house is small...I have limitations. Best to listen to my heart!
It comes with a regular flyer, and three bobbins. 

Also, the HUGE art yarn flyer and bobbin. 

It has a big hook, no orifice, so you have zero limitations making the yarns as big as you want. This is a genius wheel, one of the bets big ones out there.

So there you are, big changes, but not really. Speaking of change I got a rad new smart phone. A Galaxy S III. It's awesome! In a nutshell, chasing down synced photos, I deleted a slew of pictures off Google+ thinking I was deleting them from my phone files.

What I DID NOT KNOW was I was also deleting every cotton picking picture off this blog. From the early days to the present. I was horrified, depressed, and in tears. Thanks to some calming words from a great friend, I was able to clear my head. Then forge forward! All I can say is, I am very glad for the trash bins that do not automatically dump! I was able to restore all 1,000+ pictures to my blog. 

I know.

It was scary! Like having your computer go up in smoke. With no backup. So let me leave you with this. Don't sign up for Google+ if you can help it! I never use it...it syncs all kids of stuff that you don't care to have connected anyway (youtube,blog,gmail). The good news, is after a spell of utter panic and misery, I was able to undo my stupid hasty move! 

I'm going to go spin some yarn now. Yay for e-spinners :)
I'll post a Youtube video review on it soon. 

Have a great weekend! :)