Paying Attention

The shorts? Yep, that's me now. I would have never worn shorts like that a few months ago!

 The bottom picture, whoa back fat! It's in check now.

The shorts picture, at the top that's me now. The sad pudgy below them? Last January! I'll admit it I've never been exercise minded. Well, not totally! I loved playing team CYO basketball in the 7th grade. By the time I got to high school, got mononucleosis for 2 months, it was pretty much over. My spleen got all crazy and I was excused from gym for a year. A year! How exciting was that? It meant I could avoid the nazi woman coach, she was a total drill sergeant. The boys coach was no different, a total slave driver telling us we were shit.That worked wonders for my low self confidence...

We all sit too much these days. Whether it be glued to the computer, TV, knitting, or spinning yarn. I basically have no excuses. I'm not sporty! It takes a conscious effort. That said, I'm down 6 pounds, lost 6 inches and have gotten more toned. I also went down a size... and have kept the weight off. I've been doing Power Half Hour series with Tony Horton. (you can get the discs individually el cheapo look under the used listings)  I just ordered a second series, Turbo Jam! (used, $13.95 on Amazon!!) I'd like to Get Shaun T's Focus T-25 as cash allows. I could prattle on and on. Here's the gist, get off your ass!

I am doing this for me. The dvd's at home work for me! Not to mention, I'm worth it! Screw all those haters that said I had a big ass. For real, they can suck it.

I feel better, and I look better. Win-win. Enough said.

P.S. I also quit drinking soft drinks. No more Coca Cola and sugary Snapple iced tea. Yay!