Gauntlet Mitts-free pattern!


I used my Magic Bus yarn as a detail on the mitts. A smidge of art yarn goes a long way!

Hi all! Here's a fun pattern for some fingerless mitts, aka handwarmers. They are simple, a beginner can tackle this project...or it's mindless knitting for a seasoned knitter :) There's a fun project file on Ravelry. You can link your projects there!

Lamb’s Pride is the base of these fingerless mitts, the trim is my own bulky handspun “Magic Bus” single yarn, it was 60 yards of bulky awesomeness. You can use any bulky art/novelty yarn for the accent part of the mitt. Plyed bobbles, fun singles, and more can be used! You can make these colorful, or go for a Game of Thrones natural gray warrior look! Stripes…so many options!

They’re easy to make. The mitts are knitted flat, in stockinette. Then stitched together using the mattress stitch. You could knit in the round, though these knit faster if knitted flat. This is a very wabi-sabi style pattern. Gauge is semi-important for the main mitt part, the rest is up to you, the bulkier the better! Make it your own & enjoy!
Stitches used: knit, purl, kfb, to assemble, the mattress stitch.
#8 needles circular or straight


CO 26sts
Row one: k2,p2 until end of row
Row two: p2,k2 until end of row
Repeat row one & two until you have an inch and a half of ribbing. Then continue in stockinette, eyeball length desired then, kfb 3 times spacing your increases on that row.
Purl the next row

Then increase 3 more sts on the knit row using kfb st, spacing them evenly.
Switch to bulky art yarn of your choice, and purl this row.
Continue with stockinette pattern.
Knit until you like the length!

I actually ran out of my Magic Bus yarn, and cast off using extra purple Lamb’s Pride yarn.
Stitch up the sides, leaving an opening for your thumb. Continue, closing up the side of the mitt, wash to set the project, and enjoy! Children’s sizes can be made using 20-24 sts depending on their hand size.

I loved how these turned out!!