Pandas, shawls, and...

 Introducing: Panda top!! Utterly spectacular, very soft and lush.
Some of these colorways never made it to my Etsy shop. I sold 4 immediately after posting this picture on Facebook.
 Speaking of awesome. I scored! I have a new model. How amazing does she look modelling my shawls? I'm very excited about this.

The Jewel Striped shawl above, sold right away. How amazing!

As Summer winds down...I'm looking forward to Fall with excitement! I won't miss the super inferno temps. I've been busy knitting, and dyeing wool. I have this amazing new superwash Panda top, which isn't really about pandas at all. They call it that because there's 30% bamboo in it! The rest is made up of 60% merino, and 10% nylon. I love how the dyes strike differently on it. It's super soft, with a bit of 'crunch' which makes it crazy simple to spin. I've already sold a bunch, and have a great selection over on Etsy.

Other great news is, I have a new model! A local Mom is rocking them in the pictures above. We had fun putting on makeup, and snapping these great photos. Love my new Canon camera.

Towards the end of the photo session, Jamie the model turned the camera on me!

Fiber love to you all :)

xo Sayra