Pretty pink baskets

         YES to baskets! Especially those that stack. So brilliant.

                                        Shining through.

Blocking it out. Seriously must get a better blocking board.

There's nothing like getting organized. My only regret is, I wish I had more of those stacker baskets. I went to Big Lots for the first time a week ago. The store opened a few months back...I'd been lusting after some stacking baskets online. I scored these for $3.50 each, what a steal! I bought as many as I could afford. It was a good call, since they work amazingly well for wool storage. So glad to get my wool out of cardboard boxes. My studio looks fancy, and fun all at once.  

I am knitting every night. Getting better at it! Look at my latest shawls. Yum!! What are you knitting?