Jacey Boggs Workshop!

Yeah. Remember the workshop I organized...yes, with Jacey Boggs spinning uber-star. It was fun (and lots of work). Looking back, I forgot to blog about the spinning workshop. We were dealing with my husbands BF passing at that time :( things stalled out for awhile there.

Anyway....I donated batts to workshops she does like this. With fiber! Mutual back scratching in the form of a blog review...so great!
It was worth the wait, with her crazy busy schedule, she did a review. Of my batts!! Did I mention she also prints a magazine? Yes. PLY is a new comer on the spinning scene. Looks really promising and fun. It's definitely not at all like the other spinning magazine, Spin Off.

In other sweet news, I updated my Etsy! Be on the lookout for some super new batts. Some have no sparkle (can you believe it!). They're awesome! Also listed are new panda top, and some dazzling new superwash merino. Fall is here, it got down to 40 degrees last night. I had to pull out the wool blankets and put a few on our beds :)

These are the days to spin and knit, so happy! TGIF, enjoy your weekend. :)