Cowls and mitts, oh my!

It's been an awesome week! I am bursting with awesome new to tell you. Part of it is a secret (!!). Immediate gratification-here's the part I can share.

My yarn was featured in a super neato cowl pattern!! Ashley Martineau from Neavueau Fiber Art rocked out this fun look.

You can get the pattern for the Josephine Cowl here.

Can you spot my yarn in the cowl? I can! Thanks for the awesome props Ashley :)

Ashley has several other fun patterns. I grabbed the Soho Mitts right away! I love how the oversized yarns look. I have several hanging around my stash. Now to choose the color...aren't these chunky hand warmers amazing? 

Pattern is here! 

The pattern is easy to follow, I can't wait to cast on!

Ashley is so talented. She's got a super amazing spinning & fiber book coming out! She also re-designed my blog. Yes, the one you're looking at. :D