New furbaby!

You can tell I'm a little obsessed about our new furbaby. Older cats are begrudgingly beginning to accept her.

She was totally unplanned. Petco has pet adoptions on Saturdays! We went to stock up on cat food, and there she was. A teeny tiny tortoishell. She looked so much like our beloved Minnie. She was a favorite cat that left us too soon! It was hopeless, the little thing had to come home with us.

The kitten came with the dubious name of Spicey Girl. Since she's a very active kitten. We have since re-named her Alice and Allie-cat for short. We got her wormed, as she was hungry all-the-time! She's a wee 2.2lbs the vet, says 'fatten her up'. So we are :)