Behold: awesome spinning batts!

                                Frost Flowers
                                Robot Candy
                                Swamp Lotus
                               Daybreak Zombies

Super soft, multi textured amazing batts. This is just the tip of the iceburg! I have carded so many batts. Actually 48 to be precise...can you believe it? I have run out of many of my fave colors. It's awesome, I've used them up during the big creative push. I love the cycle. Dye the fiber, dry it. Put it in color coordinated boxes...and card. I have a wide palette, it's so much fun. I listen to audio books as I work. It frees my mind as I go along. Did I mention I have the best job ever?The batt update is coming this Friday Nov 22. So excited!!

It can get a little quiet, as I work alone. The audio books are fun, at the moment I'm listening to Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich. It's fun! The otherworldly Diesel first appeared in the Stephanie Plum number series. It's light fun entertainment...glad to have Carl the mischievous monkey back. Really fun series! The batt Daybreak Zombies, you guessed it. Walking Dead! Hopelessly addicted. We're watching it on disc, almost caught up to the current season. I hate horror films, violence...but can't stop watching this! The storyline, what happens to the characters is great. Plus Daryl is pretty hot :)