The set up

This is how it's done. Many weeks are spent quietly applying dye, setting it..and rinsing it out. Everything has a tag, and a name. Fun names! Sea Serpent, Desert Rock, Pocket Full Of Stars. Dreamy thought provoking names, and amazing colors. It takes a great deal of work, focus and organizing to launch a collection. I probably put too much time into it. But, you see, I am a perfectionist.

There's no use in presenting something mediocre. It's got to be your best! This is how you grow as an artist. Always pushing, adapting, rethinking, sometimes second guessing. It's work...and it's not glamorous. Although, on a whole, it is fun! Being your own boss is rewarding, at times it's hard to stay focused when the sky is brilliant blue, and the sun is out. My photography has grown over the years. My first product shot photos were, let's say adequate. I know better now! From point & shoots I graduated to a Canon 450D, I purchased it from Adorama for $499. It was a refurbished model. I had a hissy fit because my first photo colors were so bad. I had seen amazing pictures from this very camera model on Flickr! How could this be?

I started to research. Buying a fancy lens was out. I bought a 58mm  standard hot mirror screw on lens filter for $60. It was magic. There were the right colors! I tricked my camera into giving me what I wanted. Some would have just given up. I spent hours reading about photography. Here's my favorite photo tip website it's amazing!  It's made a huge difference on how I approach photography ;)

Stay tuned for news about my exciting new shop update ;)