Simple stitches

Simple can be deceiving! I sat down to knit a easy infinity scarf. Hello? I ripped it at least 4 times before getting it right. Funny how simple can sometimes be difficult! The yarn-it's Plymouth Haciendo (discontinued-good luck!). I dyed it in the fun Zombie Rainbow colorway. I might make these to sell sometime! If you want to make your own rainbow blip yarn...check out this tute over here.

Fun stuff! More on that later.

The simple infinity scarf. It knitted up into a nice, double loop neck warmer. I am a little sad to pack it away! It's 70 degrees and crazy sunny today. Hello Spring.

Knit your own!

Bulky yarn (such as Haciendo) at least 3 skeins, 109 yards each.
#10 needle
tapestry needle

Cast on 30 stitches
Knit in stockinette,knitting the first two outer stitches, on both sides.
(It should decrease curling...which didn't work fully with my project!)

Have some, add 6 knit stitches on the WS randomly.
It adds a dash look on the right side-throughout the project.

When the scarf reaches about 60 inches add about 30 rows of garter stitch. it adds textural interest!
On the ending row, I cast off, leaving a long tail. I used it to stitch the ends of the scarf together!
You can't see where it is. Brilliant!

Here's how to do the super easy horizontal mattress stitch seam.

Have fun knitting!