Snafu yarn?

So what do you when you're spinning, and the yarn is loose. What if it breaks? I felt mine back together, and keep going. Yarn, does it ever turn out as expected? After a long hiatus from spinning, I'm beginning to get with the program.

See how I take this XXL oversized thick & thin to this:

Enjoy, and have fun watching!

And...edited to say:
Building off the video above, I decided to shoot another. What to do when the yarn breaks? It was a real bummer, since Baby our rescue kitty chewed the yarn in half! She snuck over, while I took a quick spinning break and om nom nom...chowed down. The little nugget.

Thankfully, she passed the yarn without any issues, I was a little concerned. Anyhoo-here's another mini video on how to fix a broken yarn-while you're plying. Keep in mind it will only work with a non superwash yarn.