Thoughts on presentation

 The omni-present danish roll. It seems is everywhere. Is it static, or engaging?
Danish roll vs. a more random 'stacked' look. Hmmmm....

Hiya fiber friends! I am doing some soul searching regarding photographing. It seems 95% of all roving photos I see are in a danish roll. Kind of like the knotted batts-they're everywhere. Do you tire of seeing the danish roll, or do your eyes crave something different? My eyes were glazing over, after paging through Etsy the other day. What's better, a casually stacked picture? There's only so many ways you can twist fiber porn. I am looking to present my fibers differently. I want to represent the colors accurately. Braiding does obscure some of the color, overall it is the best way to store the roving. Otherwise it would become a shredded hairball ;)

Stacked, draped, rolled? I won't abandon the roll entirely-I am considering not making it my first picture. Thinking outside the box, fiber wise. After window shopping the last few days, on Etsy-I noticed a few different photos. These are of real merit! Yum yum.

Lovely composition from HeddlesandTreadles see how the danish roll looks different here? Visually arresting in the plein air photo. Something about connecting the greenery to sheep in the field.

 Spinning Awesome Good's trademark flower presentation. Genius!  Fun and visually exciting.

Getting outside with your photos, is great! Sourcherries/lakesyarnandfiber on Etsy. I love her thoughtful composition, and real-ness of color.