A regular week

The new sectional arrived! Doesn't it look fab-a real master bedroom retreat. It's like we're on vacation! The pillows were a little blah, so I sewed up some new ones.

We met a little Shi Tzu, from a local rescue. Sweet little thing! Smart and friendly-there were so many applicants, ours wasn't chosen (I know, cry a river!) so we're still looking. 

Here's the pillows I sewed. Did you know Joann's has smart phone coupons? I scored the fabric for 20% off the sale price, which brought it to about $4/yard. Amazing! Puffers the barn cat likes them. 

Golly. I put our master suite together. Thanks to Overstock, Ebay, West Elm & Target! I shopped online for almost everything. Stress free shopping-much easier than running around town. 

I finished! My chevron scarf is done. I'm so happy, because knitting with #3 needles isn't all that great. Switching back to #8's for another scarf, the needles seem HUGE! It's been a busy few weeks. I out together our master suite, so amazing. The views from the windows are like art. I shopped for key things online. We got the old iron bed powder coated. It's great!

We looked at a little dog to adopt, but were not picked! Gah. She was soooo cute. Oh well, there were so many applicants. She was so sweet, and cuddly. We really like the Shih Tzu's because they're gentle companions. And they're softer than cats :) Did you know they're a nearly ancient breed? Anyway, I am excited to knit another scarf. This one is gray and hot pink. We're talking neon! It's a fun pattern I noticed on Ravelry, called Dropped and Found. I'll have to show off my progress. If you're following me on Instagram, I shared a video of me carding the hot pink for the yarn. Check it out!