Spinning Meditation

Watch one of my Over the Rainbow batts being spun. This batt-was featured in the BATT book by Grace Shalom Hopkins. It's a

rad new E-book

that discusses several fun ways to spin yarn-from batts.

I chose to try the miniature art yarn technique-and spun it thinner than the video shows. I was going for LACE. I spun up some thread-literally. It took for-ever! Then plyed it with nylon blend thread-looks awesome. It took awhile, but it's worth it. I have about 400 yards, and the batt was about 3oz

 I am excited to knit something up like this gorgeous shawl from



I wrote about in this previous entry

she excels at this technique-taking 3 oz and turning it into 700 yards :) wow-right?? She took one of my 2.8 oz Lotus batts, and spun up about 374 yards-amazing!

Is this shawl gorgeous or what? Look at that fab miniature yarn-looks great in this wonderful shawl.