Contains many things! All that yarn, and then some.

Aspirations, right? What motivates you? For me it's yarns that's just damn gorgeous.

Stash. It happens. Once I knew someone, who had so much yarn, it was almost a yarn store. She was so addicted, that it became about the yarn, not actual making. Which, I am assuming is the fine line we all walk? My hoard is small, compared to others. I took it out of a old armoire recently, where it was tucked this way and that. Baskets overflowing! There was so much more, in there than I had realized. I sorted, I organized. Gasp....I purged. I donated. OMG!!

So now, there's a system, of sorts. I always plan on being organized somehow, and getting it right for once. Yarn literally becomes a metaphor for life. Like, what's your idea of fun? Mine is discovering an amazing pattern on Ravelry- like Hedgehog Fibres Outline. Yeah!! And realizing with a happy dance, that I have all the yarn to make it. Then, not making it. LOL it's queued, right? 

That's my fun, compared to maybe, kayaking or jumping off a bridge into the river. I'm a quiet, thrill seeker. Finding joy in the smaller, less bold things. You know, like when your cat scratches Fred Flinstone-like madly at the fish tank glass. That was the biggest laugh of the weekend-forever remembered as the most silly funniest thing ever. Yarn. It's a good thing! I plan to never hide skeins under the bed. I'm sticking to my system. No more stuffing it willy-nilly into a cabinet without a plan. I will get to that Outline pattern, maybe sometime right when Spring rolls around ;)