That Nasty Jog

I love stripes. I don't love strip jogs. Nobody does. It's something I had to research to figure out how to avoid! I almost want to rip out my project to fix the last few jogs. But I've already ripped it once so, nope! I am always looking for ways to better my knitting.

There's two techniques I'm using for a hassle free knit. You would think a simple striped cowl would be easy? Yeah, right. First is the Russian join. A must for avoiding all those tricky ends when making many color transitions. Sure, you could wait until the end and weave all those pesky ends in-there's a better way. In my eyes, the only way!

For a jogless stripe (yay) try this technique. It's so simple!

This is the scarf that made me wait 2 months to get the yarn for! I had to buy the Downton Abbey Mini's from Canon Hand Dyes.  

                                 Scarf by foofymonkey on Ravelry. So amazing, right?  I couldn't stop thinking about the gradient colors. So pretty, most knit the colors in a simple stripe. This was way more fun!