Finishing Products


I don't just like these new products...I LOVE them! How amazing are they? Completely. Unicorn Fibre, is renowned for their Power Scour scouring agent. I can't live without Power Scour!

Here's my review:

First off, my favorite part about all 3 of these wash agents? They're fragrance free!

Beyond Clean is a scent free scouring agent. It removes any bleeding dyes, and works wonders on fleeces, and anything you want to brighten-or bring the color out in. I spot treated a hard to remove stain on a tshirt, and it was GONE.

Beyond Soft, I just tried it. WOW. It made a scratchy scarf made from Patons Classic Wool, soft. What's awesome about it, is I only used a couple of drops, in the wash. This bottle will last for-ever. No more scratchy wools, this product is a life-changer.

Beyond Fibre WashFibre, this works great for washing your finished knits. It makes the knits, sparkle.

What's even more fun, is Unicorn Products recently updated their packaging. Aren't the colored bottle tops fun? I appreciate the pull top, so handy! This is an unpaid review, I truly love Unicorn-and I recommend it wholeheartedly. Call them, and ask for a sample today :)