Put it in the washer!

There you are, you bought your first fleece. It's got to be cleaned! How? This is an easy tutorial on how to get your dirty greasy fleece clean.

Wash in the washer!

top loading washer

140* water

wool fleece

desired soap (I use

Unicorn Power Scour


about 30 minutes


remember these tips:


water + soap,

then add the fleece.

Don't add soap to fleece!

soak in soap, wait for dirt to appear


rinse 2x's **leave the lid up while filling or you could felt your precious woolies!

Now what?? Ok. I have a plan for that. If it's a smaller fleece, you can it out on old window screens, or an old mesh baby gate stacked with bricks for airflow. If you want to go big, follow

my fun tute on



drying screens: